Salt-crusted potatoes with peach-basil dipping sauce

Cooking new potatoes directly in heavily salted water leaves them creamy on the inside and crispily salty on the outside. Combine that with a sauce that balances sharp garlic and vinegar against sweet peaches, leavened with aromatic herbs, and I’m in summer heaven.

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Spicy roasted cauliflower

If you think you don’t like cauliflower, this may well be the recipe that proves you wrong. The cauliflower undergoes a sort of alchemy in the oven, transforming from a sad crunchy mutant into a show-stopper snack or side dish.

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Oven frittata with hearty greens

When summer’s come into full swing, there are only so many sauteed greens you can eat before your head starts spinning. This simple oven frittata, light on the eggs and heavy on the greens, is a perfect shakeup to your greens routine, and you can dress it up for dinner or dress it down for a weekend breakfast (and the slices reheat beautifully for leftovers).

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